TAKING THE ESCALATOR: An Alternative to the 12 Steps
Building Motivation & Insight for
Inspiration and Progress
Substance Abuse Self Help, Counseling & Recovery Coaching Tools

Starting Where You are and Moving Upward   


JULY 7th-12th -

Teaching "Taking the Escalator" Motivational methodology all week at the Rutgers Summer School of Alcohol and Drug Studies - Thanks to all in attendance!

Build and Insight and Motivation...
For Inspiration and Progress

The 12 Steps have helped millions but there 

are many more people out there who feel 

that the 12 steps are not for them. 

Taking the Escalator: An Alternative to the 12 Steps

has a vast array of motivational and insight-building 

tools and activities that are effective for:






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   An Effective Alternative Approach to Addiction Recovery

When you think about it, most people would agree that true change does not really happen until someone is motivated. People need to want it. Unfortunately not everyone wants to change and people spend a lot of time convincing themselves that they can wait and worry about it tomorrow. 

The method outlined in Taking the Escalator is focused on increasing awareness of what we need - INSIGHT. Increasing our inner desire to take action - INTERNAL MOTIVATION, and using pressure and support from the outside to keep us going  - EXTERNAL MOTIVATION


The 12 Steps have an awesome track record and will continue to do so. Still, the world of substance use issues has changed and there are new challenges. A new perspective and approach is needed. Motivation and insight are what drive change so it is important that we start from there and move forward and upward.