TAKING THE ESCALATOR: An Alternative to the 12 Steps
Building Motivation & Insight for
Inspiration and Progress
Substance Abuse Self Help, Counseling & Recovery Coaching Tools

Starting Where You are and Moving Upward   

tools for recoery coaching self hel and therapy
reverse tools for therapy self help and coaching

 What is Taking the Escalator all about? As stated in the title, it is an

 alternative to the 12 steps. Many people have been helped by the 12 Steps and

 will continue to be, however there are millions of other individuals out there who

 need help with substance use issues looking for an alternative for a variety of

 reasons. Not everyone who needs help is ready for help. Factors such as motivation

and insight are essential when it comes to getting started in the change process



Taking the Escalator is all about helping people who have not responded to

"traditional" approaches that are focused primarily on people who

are ready to change. Getting motivated and inspired from a

person-centered focus is what this is all about.

Gain insight, build external motivation and support,

enhance internal motivation and build inspriation for positive change

The 12 Steps have an awesome track record and will continue to do so. Still, the world of substance use issues has changed and there are new challenges. A new perspective and approach is needed. Motivation and insight are what drive change so it is important that we start from there and move forward and upward.