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If you have seen the movie Avengers: Infinity War you know that Thanos, the villian uses the infinity gauntlet which gives him the power to snap his fingers and make anything happen. Evil Thanos decides to eradicate half of the universe with his finger "snap"

You dont need to see the movie to use this icebreaker, that is just a little background - The "Thanos Snap" activity works like this - 

Read - If you could just snap your fingers and make any one thing happen in the entire universe one time, what would you make happen?

> Optional - You can let people give two answers if they want too - One funny answer first, then one serious answer - (Everyone in the group should be encouraged to give at least the one serious answer)

Examples - 

Funny - "With my Thanos snap I would make it make it so all dogs in the universe could talk like humans and then work as teachers in public schools"

Serious- "With my snap I would cure world hunger and make sure that everyone in the world has plenty of food growing nearby and clean water to drinlk"

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