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Improve engagement in your substance use/co-occurring group program by having a FAMILY GROUP - If you are a newer clinician perhaps this may be a little intimidating but it is definitely worth the effort as research consistently shows that involving families in treatment improves client outcomes. If you are a more experienced clinician you surely have found this to be true as you have reaped the positive results of having a FAMILY GROUP in your IOP or other Outpatient or Inpatient Group program - Also your supervisor/boss will surely be impressed with your efforts to engage and educate families

Taking the Escalator has tools to help you have a positive and interactive Family Group 

> Just go to the Group Activities by Topic Page on this website and scroll down to the heading "Families, Support and External Motivation" - then find the activity "Good Choices for Good Living - For Families" - This is an excellent, time-tested outline and a power-point version is available (just look directly below it) - Direct link to the power point slides also provided in comments below - Let us at Taking the Escalator know how your Family Group went we would love to hear about it!

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