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This Coping Skills Video shares some easy to use mental health coping skills that are great for anyone who needs to increase insight and motivation and make progress toward goals. Great for group therapy discussion, featuring entreprenuer/motivational speaker Henry Eisenstein and Therapist Ken Pecoraro LCSW, LCADC - Link to video in comment below this box

Skills Reviewed - With Group Discussion Questions

> "Be a True Friend to Your Future Self" -


  • How can you apply this idea of treating your future self like a friend, in your own life?

  • What can you start doing today that will benefit your future self- (Short term in the next few weeks or months...Long term over the course of the next year or longer?)


> Applying Some "Extra Time" 


  • What is one or two life areas where you can unselfishly apply a little extra time and focus each day to help make improvements in?

>Using Introspection, Self Awareness and Self Analysis

  • What is at least one or two areas of personal growth that you need to stay aware of so you can measure your progress daily?

  • Deep thinking - What areas do you need to make sure to be honest with yourself about? 

  • What do you need in life to be where you want to be and how do you plan to attain what you need?


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