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Directions: This is a way to generate spontaneous group discussion. The rules are as follows:

Someone in the group should volunteer to go first. That person should just say anything by making one statement of any kind* to the rest of the group. *Please no offensive or overtly controversial statements that may upset or hurt others or trigger unnecessary arguing. Rather it is better if it is a thought that can be built upon by others in the group.

Then the next person in the group should make a follow-up statement to the group based on the first statement that was already said. When done, continue this through the group, allowing people to "chain together" thoughts.


  • At any point in the chain of statements, the counselor can “veto” a statement that drags down the process as the statements are supposed to build on one another.



  • At any point in the chain of statements, the counselor can call “Conclusion” – At that point the group should reflect on what was said and draw conclusions and make observations about the process of the discussion up to that point



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