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What exactly is this mythical concept that we refer to as “Later”?


People so often say “I’ll do it later” – But when you think about it: When exactly is “Later”?


Is later in an hour?...in a day?...in a week?.. in a month?, Ever?... Or perhaps NEVER? - How often does later actually ever actually become now?


The truth is that later is so often a lie or at least a form of self-denial because often when we say “Later”, we really just mean “NOT NOW” and that’s it


For change to really start happening, saying “later” often has to stop and NOW has to start. How soon is now? Now is now and its definitely not later.


As a group discuss what you just read and answer the following:


 What are some things you find yourself saying “later” about?


 What is one constructive or positive thing that you think you can stop putting off until later and start doing NOW?


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