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Drop and Run Icebreaker

For this icebreaker, the rules are simple. Take turns going around the group just making a statement and leaving it there with no one else following up or commenting. The challengng part is staying away from controversial statements or topics so it is a good idea to follow these rules:

> No political or religious comments

> No comments about others (Keep in in the "I")

> This is supposed to be fun and it is not supposed to start arguments, so if refrain from anything offensive or overly controverisal - Keep it fun

Some examples of appropriate drop and run statements:

"I predict that the Jets will win the Super Bowl within the next three years"

" I prefer ketchup on my steak rather than steak sauce"

"I plan to make my first million by age 24"

"I think that rabbits are better pets than cats and dogs"

"I prefer not to wear shoes whenever possible in life"

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