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The Taking the Escalator: Mental Health Toolsharing Database

Taking the Escalator's primary objective is to serve as a resource website for clinicians working is Substance Use/Addiction/Co-occurring treatment using the Motivationally-based
  Taking The Escalator Method.  

However, Taking the Escalator is here to help mental health clinicians as well in their effort to help the populations whom they serve. This web page has MENTAL HEALTH specific tools, information, activities, workbooks, etc. for mental health therapists, free for your use and download.


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COVID-19 Specific Resources

A Letter to Myself During COVID-19 - Jacqueline Soboti, LCSW

COVID-19 Anxiety Workshop - University of Arkansas

Return to Normalcy - Taking the Escalator

The following collections below all have many mental health worksheets, activities, information sheets, etc for counseling.


This huge collection comes generously from the Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI)  in Western Australia, who has allowed these mental health worksheets and activities to be uploaded and shared for counselors by Taking the Escalator. To view the CCI website directly go to -  https://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/Resources/Overview


Other Mental Health Tools and Resources From Around the Web