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Giving the Gifts of Values and Virtues

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Printable PDF version at the end

As a group discuss ways you would give these special gifts. There are two discussion areas for each topic. Discuss both:

A = Give the gift to yourself

B = Discuss the gift as a Group

The gift of TRUTH

A – You can know the absolute truth about any one thing; What do you choose?

B – For this group: Share sometime true about you that you have not shared before. It could be a fact about you or something you think or feel or any other truth that you can think of

The gift of COURAGE

A – If you could give yourself unwavering courage to take on or face one challenge successfully which one would you choose?

B – For this group: Is there anyone in the group who did something that you think took courage?

The gift of PEACE

A – If you could guarantee yourself one day of the highest possible level of peace and serenity what would you do with that day?

B – Is there anyone in the group with a difficult situation that you wish peace for? Explain

The gift or MERCY

A – If you could have relief from one thing causing you emotional or physical pain, what would you choose?

B – Who in the group do you wish could have merciful relief from something causing them physical or emotional pain?

The gift of JOY

A – What is one happy, but realistic experience that you wish you could have?

B – What is a happy experience you would hope one of your group members in their future?

The gift of GOODNESS

A – We all have tendencies toward things that may not be so good. If you could overcome cravings, desires, or temptation in any one area that gives you trouble, what would you pick?

B – What is something good about another group member here today?

The gift of HEALTH

A – If you could improve one aspect of your health, what would you pick?

B – If you could do the same with another group member who would you pick and how would you help them?

The gift of WISDOM

A – If you could know the best possible outcome of a difficult decision in your life, which situation would you want that wisdom for?

B – What is something that one of your other group members did that you think was a wise decision?

The gift of JUSTICE

A – Everyone has an unfair or unjust situation in their life of their history. If you could instantly resolve any one situation in your favor, which would you choose and why?

B – If you could resolve a legal situation one of your group members which one would you choose?

The gift of CREATIVITY

A – If you had the time and resources to make any gift for yourself what would you create?

B – If you had the time and resources to make a gift for any other group member here, what would you make and for whom?

The gift or PURPOSE

A – If you had the ability, opportunity, and resources needed to select your own purpose for the rest of your life, what would you choose for yourself?

B – If you could do the same as above but for another group member whom would you choose and what purpose would you select for them?

The gift of LOVE

A – If you could enhance one thing or quality that you love about yourself which would you choose

B – If you could give a group member an opportunity to have more of something they love in their life, whom and what would you choose?

OPEN ENDED CHOICE – One last one: You can give any gift in the universe (or beyond) that has not already been discussed, to yourself and to one group member. What do you choose for:


Another Group Member:

Additional Group Closing Discussion Questions:

Of all the gifts you either gave yourself or received from another group member, which one stands out the most to you and why?

What are one or two of the gifts discussed in this group today that you can really make true for yourself if you put the time and effort into making it reality in your life one day?


Giving the Gifts of Value and Virtue
Download PDF • 323KB

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