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No Year's Resolutions


Intro: They say “never say never” because there are no guarantees that we can always avoid certain outcomes in life just because we want to. Still, it cannot hurt to try to identify negative things that we want to try our best to avoid so that we can strive to do our best to keep from going down the wrong path.

While some “resolutions” activities are about changes we want to make, this activity is about making commitments to not do things. As a group, complete the following exercise on “No Year’s Resolutions.”

Directions: Take turns sharing “No Year’s Resolutions” by choosing and expressing something that you are going to strive to do your best not to do again in the future. Some examples are provided.

·        Food – “During the pandemic lockdown we had a lot of Spam which I ended up eating and it made me sick. I am going to try to never eat that stuff again.


·        Travel – “When I was using drugs all the time, I never had money to travel. Now that I am in recovery, I am not going to let a year go by without going on at least one vacation.


·        Friends – “I got myself into trouble by constantly borrowing money from my friends. This year I am going to try to go without borrowing anymore and instead make my own money working and saving.

No Year’s Resolution Topics

Follow Up: Moving Forward with Goals and Positive Commitments to Change

Flip the script – Switch from negative (I am not going to) to positive future goals: (I will…)

What are three feasible and realistic changes that you can make in your life as current and future goals to avoid going down the path of these “I Nevers”?


·        Friends – “Over the course of the next several months and throughout the year I am going to really focus on finding some positive people to form friendships with, so I do not go back to my old crowd.


·        Family – “This coming year I am going to make it a goal to spend time with my parents every week”


·        Self-Care – I am going to set aside time each week to do something peaceful like go hiking.  Fishing, swimming or walking on the beach.


What are three positive things you can plan for the future. Remember to make your goals:

>Realistic - having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.


>Feasible - capable of being dealt with successfully.






No Years Resolutions
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