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About the Method - Motivation and Insight

The Escalator Method strategically combines multiple Evidence-Based treatment approaches:

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The Escalator approach is a person centered, proactive substance abuse counseling perspective which strategically combines aspects of several existing evidience-based treatment practices including: Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, the Stages of Change model, and Harm Reduction under the umbrella of subssequent integration of mental health and other coexisting issues

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*The Escalator Method expands on the concept of  COD's utilizing the more inclusive & enhanced idea of Coexisting Issues -

What is Taking the Escalator all about? 

It is an alternative to the 12 steps. Many people have been helped by the 12 Steps andwill continue to be, however there are millions of other individuals out there who need help with substance use issues looking for an alternative for a variety of reasons. Not everyone who needs help is ready for help. Factors such as motivation and insight are essential when it comes to getting started in the change process. Taking the Escalator is all about helping people who have not responded to "traditional" approaches that are focused primarily on people who are ready to change. Getting motivated and inspired from a person-centered focus is what this is all about. Gain insight, build external motivation and support, enhance internal motivation and build inspriation for positive change



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