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The Definition of Insanity

This exercise explores the concept of repetitive patterns and cycles in our lives, particularly in the context of substance use and mental health but also in other life areas as well wherever this may apply. There's a quote unofficially attributed to Albert Einstein often referred to as ‘the definition of insanity” which you likely have heard before. That saying is:

We recognize that mental health and substance use as well as many other life challenges are intricate and unique to everyone. This quote, while catchy, doesn't capture the full complexity of what many of us go through. Our goal here is not to label or stigmatize but to understand the patterns and cycles in our lives and, more importantly, how breaking free from them can be a powerful part of personal growth and recovery.

To continue and view the group discussion material and exercise, click the downloadable PDF below:

The Definition of Insanity
Download PDF • 345KB

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